MYW-D T-shirt Launcher

Model numberMYW-D

VoltageNo content

PowerNo content

Control modeManual control

ChannelNo content

ConsumablesCompressed air Co2 Nitrogen


Net Weight4.6KG

Working heightNo content

Working distance40-45 meters

Covering areaNo content

Preheating timeNo content

Working pressure1Mpa

Consumable consumptionNo content

Oil drum capacityNo content

AccessoriesGas pipeline pressure regulator

Gross weightNo content

Introduction of product details

T-shirt Launcher is the company's newly development, using compressed air as the power, safe environmental protection, at the scene when show high tide comes, you can use this product directly to a cheering crowd out gifts, distributing distance of up to 40 meters, let you can easily in lands will "doll, commemorative T-shirt, our tennis" gift to send to audience, can joyfully to interact with the audience, pushing a new climax, the machine can achieve continuous emission, you just put gifts into the launch tube, pull the handle can!

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