MYO-G Super Low Smoke Machine

Model numberMYO-G



Control modeDMX512

Channel1 channel

ConsumablesSmoke liquid, food-grade liquid Co2


Net Weight120KG

Working heightNo content

Working distanceNo content

Covering area150 square meters

Preheating timeNo content

Working pressureNo content

Consumable consumptionNo content

Oil drum capacityNo content

AccessoriesNo content

Gross weightNo content

Introduction of product details

The Co2 Low Smoke Machine is our new upgrade product, it can create a massive amount of low lying fog in a continuous flow. No need Ice! No need Dry Ice!
Just using professional high quality smoke fluid and Co2 gas, a dense white fog is produced on demand, with light, you could make a dreamy romantic atmosphere.It is controlled by cable controller or wireless, with flexible wheel, easy to operate and install simply, low cost of material. It is your best choice of large stage show, evening party, concert etc.
Meantime, we have another new revolution low smoke machine which is in coming soon! The machine is used to produce an extremely powerful dry ice fog effect. It uses a professional high quality smoke fluid to generate smoke which is pumped into the machine, where it combines with liquid Co2 from a remote cylinder. 
The cylinder could be high pressure gas tank or low pressure mini dewar tank. The machine offers a pure and clean low fog effects, and the effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. It is ideal for large venues and outdoor use.

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