MYO-A 3KW Dry Ice Machine

Model numberMYO-A



Control modeManual control

ChannelNo content

ConsumablesNo content


Net Weight30KG

Working heightNo content

Working distanceNo content

Covering area80 square meters

Preheating time10-30 minues

Working pressureNo content

Consumable consumptionNo content

Oil drum capacityNo content

AccessoriesA pair of aviation industrial plugs

Gross weightNo content

Introduction of product details

The product uses liquid nitrogen or dry ice, can store large amount of smoke, has outstanding capacity of heating water, effectively protect the water temperature, it shows its professional effects for lasting a long-time working. With precise temperature mode and water gauge, for flexible controlling. Spraying thick smoke and staying for a long time on the stage, good for build a high stage atmosphere. Perfect for large stage show, celebration, big party etc.

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