Changsha Maya Special Technology Equipment Co., LTD is a professional company engaged in the design, development, production and sales of various stage special effects equipment. Company can according to customer requirements to provide technical, consulting, planning, systems integration and a full range of products and services, supported by powerful marketing, engineering services to provide comprehensive support to our customers.
I was established in 1998, with a special design and development team, constantly using advanced production technology to create new special effects equipment. Production include: color flame projector, CO2 jet, confetti cannon, color paper confetti machine, dry ice machine, smoke machine, bubble machine, snow machine, stage cold fireworks, potted flower, a variety of effects such as display shell products, products are widely used in the studio, theatre, big small and medium-sized stage, etiquette celebration activities. Since founded in 98, the factory has been adhering to the "integrity management, scientific and technological innovation, stable quality, reasonable price" for the company development philosophy, products are exported to Europe and the United States, global coverage, with high quality products and services to win the good reputation of Chinese and foreign customers.
We located in the "land of fish and rice" liuyang river, since its inception construction has been sticking to "positive" the spirit of "self-reliance" focus stage special effect equipment research and development, and to "strive for perfection" and innovative attitude to keep products have many novel and unique company engaged in stage special effect equipment system design, installation and after-sales service of professional talents, and long-term hire experts from the universities in hunan, professor, senior engineer technical adviser for the company, at the same time entrust China entertainment technology association long-term tracking of product instruction, to ensure that the production technology level and the continuous improvement of product quality, help customers to create the most beautiful stage space.
We are relying on the tireless efforts of all staff and the social people from all walks of life support and cooperation, in the field of professional stage special effect equipment fully advocate introduced many new ideas, new methods, make the company got rapid progress, "Maya" brand products are not only in domestic special effects industry dominated, more export to Asia, the americas, Europe, Oceania, etc. More than 80 countries and regions. The company has won the trust of customers with good market reputation, and has been entrusted by hunan mass media vocational and technical college to build "TV program production professional practice training base". The company's cooperation with China central television, hunan TV station, anhui TV station, hunan mass media vocational and technical college and other news media organizations and colleges and universities are highly valued by the company.
Our spirit of "honesty first" the principle of "quality first" to "serve the public" the tenet of "to give back to society", to "do the Chinese stage special effect equipment leader, a world-class stage special effects equipment brand" as the grand vision, with novel design, strict manufacturing processes and high quality project quality and excellent service, is committed to establish long-term partnership with customers more closely between.
The booming Maya has the full sincerity and confidence to cooperate with the users and create business opportunities. Maya will take a new starting point, new development, with the strong, with the first class side by side, to start the stage of the new century.

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